Party Planning

From intimate fine dining experiences to luxuriously detailed themed parties for hundreds of guests, I create parties that bring the finesse along with the fun.

My party planning services can be tailored to both private and corporate events, and give you a comprehensive and stress-free planning experience. As my client, you’ll remain in control throughout, but you can rely on me to produce a party to remember that’s unique to you.

We’ll begin with me understanding you and the party you’re dreaming of. Tell me your priorities and vision – are you looking for a foodie feast of locally sourced produce? Is unique and eclectic entertainment at the top of your list? Do you want people to feel like they’ve stepped into another time or place when they arrive?

All this and more is possible, so let your imagination go wild. Once I’ve understood exactly what it is you want to create, I’ll begin my work; supplier sourcing, venue finding, design creating and schedule producing.

I charge 10% of an overall budget for party planning, with a minimum planner fee of £3750

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