Marquee Weddings

I love planning, designing and creating a marquee wedding. They truly are one of a kind and no two are ever the same. Give me a field, garden or a piece of land and along with you and some incredible suppliers, we’ll create a little bit of wedding magic.

A marquee wedding offers freedom, flexibility and finesse. There are a thousand different ways to create something wonderful within a marquee, with endless possibilities for creativity. Often, marquees are held within family homes or private land, making the added nostalgia-factor and layers of meaning connected with the location all the more special. I will always be in full support of any couple wanting a marquee wedding, however, the moving parts and responsibility of a marquee wedding can be overwhelming and difficult to manage, as you’re essentially building the whole world of your wedding from scratch.

Working with a wedding planner becomes even more crucial when planning for a marquee wedding. With so many moving parts, logistical intricacies and design considerations - you need an expert on side. When working with you on your marquee wedding, I want the only connotation to be positive, and certainly not stressful.

I’ll handle the bits you might not immediately have considered: Drinks chilling, luxury loos, power, flooring, lighting and access... they might not be the sexiest parts of wedding planning, but for a marquee celebration they’re absolutely crucial! Then we can move on to the design, and to putting your own stamp on this amazing blank canvas. I’ll be your guide through all the practicalities as well as the pretty, and will guarantee you a stunningly meaningful and beautiful marquee wedding that runs smoothly from start to finish.

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• Rachel & Shane •

I genuinely would not have been able to get married without Jess!   When the pandemic hit - it was Jess who was there for me through it all and stuck by me when I didn’t even want to talk about the wedding or change the date again! Jess is INCREDIBLE! She is so patient and kind, especially when I was probably a bit stressed! The day was perfect from start to finish and so many people have commented on the day, or after saying it’s probably the best wedding they have ever attended and the attention to detail was amazing, and without Jess that would not have been possible! Seriously thank you to Jess and her lovely assistant as she took all my stresses away. Could not recommend Jess enough, she’s essential to a perfect wedding! Thank you x

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