Frequently Asked Questions

1Where do you plan weddings?
My base is beautifully central for the UK – I love discovering hidden gems of locations and will travel as far as your imagination will reach to secure your perfect location. From the Lake District, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Cotswolds and Wales I will happily travel for your day. I work with suppliers who share the same vision as I do, throughout the UK.
2Will you be at my wedding?
Yes, I will always work my weddings, being there on the day is hugely important to me and that will never change. I will also bring the appropriate team of assistants with me to ensure no detail is missed, and to make sure everything runs smoothly for you.
3I live abroad, can you plan my wedding?
Yes absolutely. Often my international clients have a personal tie to the UK and we work together to produce something beautiful. I am more than happy to do our video calls at a time that works for your timezone, and will ensure you have the same seamless experience as my couples based in the UK.
4What’s your deposit information and payment terms?
All of my planning services are tailored to your requirements. Upon booking you will be provided with a summary of key information, dates and expectations throughout our time together, personalised to you.
5I'd like a weekend celebration, can you plan that?
I sure can! Extending your celebrations over a weekend is something a lot of my clients choose to do to really get the most out of their wedding magic! From the very first guests arrival to their departure, I will work with you ensure you and your guests have an incredibly memorable weekend.
1Do you only work with specific suppliers and venues?

No, I am open to working with a range of suppliers. I actively seek out new suppliers based upon the needs of my clients. I will make recommendations for suppliers and venues based on a number of factors but you will always make the final decision.

I opt not to take a commission from suppliers and venues for a number of reasons. This is something I have been set on from day one and ensures the transparency between my clients and I. This allows me to work in a way which is 100% committed to sourcing the best venues and suppliers, because they meet the needs of my clients the best, not because I am gaining something from the supplier. Any applicable discounts are always passed onto my clients.

My business is built on trust and authenticity, with supplier relationships being an integral factor. I am transparent with my fees from the beginning and each client is provided with the schedules of works and expectations from the start.

2I'm a supplier and I'd like to work with you, how do I reach you?
I love getting to know new suppliers. Before contacting me please take a little minute to familiarise yourself with how I work, and my 'no commission' approach. Then, email is the best way to reach me.
3How much do your wedding planning services cost?
I am transparent with my fees, and publish my starting prices on my website. It’s impossible to give exact figures without knowing the scope of work required. Following our consultation, you will receive a quotation and proposal detailing the inclusions. Your quotation will depend on many factors; location, guest numbers, intricacy, duration to name a few. For my full planning clients, I am also able to offer a fixed fee for larger budgets. We can chat through this in more detail during our consultation if this is applicable to you.
4What are you like to work with as a wedding planner?

I don’t put on a front with my couples, we work closely together and get to know each other in a way that’s authentic. No fluff, no nonsense! I am a practical solution for busy lives.

My planning approach is people-focused, and I make sure to really listen and make sure I’ve understood what drives the two of you. I won’t lead you on any wild goose chases, and will tell you if any ideas won’t work. This is a collaboration, and I’m here to give you honest, direct and down to earth guidance every step of the way, helping you feel empowered in your decisions and facilitating a wedding that’s immersive, joyful, personal and all-round GORGEOUS.

5Are you insured?
Yes, I hold both public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.